Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finally updating

Wow, I can't believe I haven't updated since April! Well, since last time I posted a lot has happened. Nate and I have been going over to Jennifer's or Marilynne's house to scrapbook almost every week. I love seeing my pages come together, and imagining looking back at all the memories I've been chronicling.
In June Nate and I went to visit northern California for Grandpa Anderson's 80th birthday celebration. It was a lot of fun. We got to meet some family members that I hadn't seen since Dan and I got married, and who Nate hadn't met yet. We also got to spend a lot of time with Dan's aunts and uncles. And I really feel like I got to know them a lot better.
Afterwards, Uncle PJ came to visit us for a week and a half. Nate loved it, and Dan was super stoked to spend time with his little brother. We got Spencer, Dan, PJ, Brian, Tyler and a couple of Spencer's friends together and they had a halo party.
Lilly had her first birthday party and it was fun. Even though it could have been planned better. We were at the splash pad from 2-4. Turns out the water is shut off between noon and 4pm. So, that was great fun.
Nate has been in swim lessons for the past 4 weeks, and he LOVES to swim. He is like a little fishie once he hits the water. He can do big arms, big kicks, blow bubbles, hold onto the wall, and do monkey arms. He's not the biggest fan of floating on his back, but he loves splashing and singing songs.
Last time I updated Nate was crawling. Well, he's still doing that very well. But he's now standing, cruising, climbing stairs and getting into mischief every chance he gets. He recently cut his fourth bottom tooth, and his 5th and 6th top teeth. Which brings him up to a whopping 10 teeth!!! So, once they grow in, he'll have more teeth than Lilly! It probably won't help. After all, she's still biting him. But now he pushes her down too, so I guess that's progress. My baby doesn't get pushed around, now he can be the bully too. :)
Ok, I think this is long enough. I will try to be better about updating the blog. Lately I've been sucked into the world of facebook. And, as I've mentioned before, I can only support one online addiction at a time.