Sunday, November 18, 2007

He makes me crazy/I love it when

Try this: you get to make a list of various things that your husband/significant other does that makes you crazy. The catch is that after every one you have to list two things he does that you love.

1. When he unloads the dishwasher, he doesn't sort any of the silverware.
1a. When he unloads the dishwasher, without being asked.
1b. I come home from work and find him asleep on the couch because he didn't want to go to bed alone.

2. When I find his dirty socks scattered throughout the house.
2a. We're sitting in the living room and he gets up out of nowhere and gives me a kiss.
2b. We get into the truck and he leaves the radio station where it is (even though he doesn't like country)

3. When I have to wake him up over and over again for him to get up and get ready for church.
3a. He holds my hand during prayers.
3b. He talks about taking me to the Temple.

4. When he makes me drive so that he can keep reading his book.
4a. We're in a group setting and he volunteers to pray so that I won't be asked. (I'm not quite comfortable praying out loud in public)
4b. We're at home and he asks me to pray.

5. When he invites people over and the house is a mess.
5a. I get home from work and he makes me lay down and rubs my back.
5b. We are sharing a dessert and he saves me the last bite

I noticed that when I started this I was mildly irritated (I had just sorted silverware and went on a sock hunting expedition) But towards the end I was struggling to come up with anything to fill the first slot, but I had tons of things I'm grateful for and that I love about him. Just goes to show you how easy it is to change your perception.

Friday, November 16, 2007

What a Day!

Well, it all started out pretty well. Dan had his first day at Circuit City today. So I dropped him off, and went off to run my errands. Wal-Mart is an awesome place. It's my one stop errand shop. At least it was today. I dropped the truck off to get an oil change. Then I went in to fill a prescription, cash my check, and pick up more supplies for my crafty projects.
Little did I know that that was all I would accomplish today. Alas, I had such high hopes.
When I went to pick up the truck from the oil/lube department, it wouldn't start. So here I am, sitting behind my local Wal-Mart and like any mecahanically helpless girl, I called my Daddy. He came, in his SRP van with his foreman to my rescue. Diagnosis: fuel pump issues.
Luckily Dad and his foreman were there to help my push the truck off to the side, and Justin was able to pick me up and give me a ride home.
I just hope that we'll still be able to get to Grandma's for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I LOVE my husband

Not that it's news to anyone by now, but I absoltely LOVE my husband Dan. And for anyone who dosen't know him very well, here's some pics of him to help get a better idea of what he's like

personally I'm impressed b/c it's not easy to take a picture of yourself, mch less yourself on a bicycle! I guess that just proves how great and talented missionaries are.

He loves his mom, as any good man does

I love this picture with him and his brother from the Anderson Family Reunion this summer.

And this is what happens when he doesn't take out the trash!!

just kidding...though it is a good idea. hmmmmm

But I have to say this is my favorite of all. My two boys, Dan and his "little d"

Monday, November 12, 2007

the first of many sleepy ramblings

well I knew I titled my blog the way I did for a reason. It is now 5:49am on a beautiful Monday morning. Because I seem to be some kind of masochist I decide that rather than get some much needed sleep, I would browse the Internet, read some blogs and post one of my own. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but...I woke up at about 6:30am yesterday to get some housework done before church.
But I do have some exciting news to report. Yesterday I saw Bishop Hardy and got a recommend for a patriatical blessing. So now I just have to call the stake patriarch and set everything up. Yay! And we also talked about me going to the Temple (for my endowments/initories? I think he said something like that--either way, for my first time stuff!) and we're going to talk some more next month and set a target date for probably some time in January, I think. So that is incredibly exciting to me.
I just can't believe that it's already been six months since Dan and I got married. In April we can be sealed, hopefully with Devon too. But that's still being worked out. The Bishop and the Stake president are trying to figure out how and if it will work. It's kind of ironic, but actually the fact that Devon has passed may actually make it easier to have me, him and Dan sealed together..go figure. I guess every cloud does have a silver lining

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well, I have realized that I am a special kind of nut! After hours and hours and hours of work, I am now the proud creator of 2 sheep, and a donkey. And three small crafty items, with many more on the way. I don't quite know what's posessed me, but I am into cross-stitch in a BIG way. Of course it's great for the holidays. Because what says "LOVE" like a useless knick knack that will be taken out for one month out of the year and takes almost as long to make?? At any rate it's easier than blogging. It's taken me an hour to figure out how to switch my fonts! Computers scare me. . . And I'm not quite brave enough to venture into posting pictures yet...but when I do get my courage up, prepare to be dazzled

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

the last 6 months...the condensed version

Here's a basic recap of the last 6 months:

April: wow, lots here. I'm going to kind of gloss over some parts..I'm sure you'll understand. It started with Devon's birthday, and his party. Dan helped throw it and we all had a blast. By this point Dev was calling Dan "Dad" which made him sooo happy. Next day was Easter. Dev hunted eggs, went to church and hung out with Gram (Dan's mom) and his best buddy Em-ma. The divorce was finalized on the ninth and it was a joyous occasion!!Then on the 18th, Dev and Em were called home. Dan and I decided not to put off our wedding or even to wait until June as we had planned. I got home from the reservation on the 27th, went to the Adams family reunion on the 28th and when I got home that night (Saturday) I went to see Dan and we set a date for our wedding. Sunday we talked to the Bishop after church, and we invited my Dad over to my place so Dan could talk to him, and on Monday we were making frantic phone calls to invite people to the wedding that night! Amid the chaos, the well wishers and one decidedly not-so-well-wisher, we were married April 30th.

May: 2 nights after we were married we left with Dan's mom, two sisters, brother-in-law and nephew for women's conference in Salt Lake City.I had never been to salt lake and Dan showed me around Temple square. it is SOOOOOOO beautiful!

June/July/August: Not a lot new going on. Just trying to keep everything together and enjoying being married. And the Anderson family reunion in July. It was mostly fun and marked my third trip to Utah.

September: We finally got to move out of the apartment and into a condo. It was a good move. My apartment complex wouldn't let me out of my lease, even with the circumstances being what they were, and it would have cost more to break it than to just stay. Also I got to go to Time Out For Women with my aunt, cousin, cousin-in-law (is that a word?) and her baby daughter. that was phenomenal and I am so glad that someone Jami knows got married that day and she needed someone to take her ticket off her hands!

October: I've gotten really into crafty and more specifically cross-stitchy things lately. Not to sound nerdy, but It's soo much fun! Also, we visited my in-laws for Dad's 50th birthday. It was my first post 9-11 plane ride and Dan's first post-mission flight. That was exciting, we ended up not having a ride to the airport, but made it on the bus..but on our way home, we had a planned ride, but we got there a little late and were seconds away from missing our flight. (which further cements in my mind that God DOES answer prayers because they had already said the doors were closing like 10 min before we ran up to the gate) So I guess the moral of the story is don't plan ahead, things work out best when you wing it...just kidding, that's usually the exact opposite of what happens.

November: well, it's just begun but it looks to be a fun filled and exciting month! Spencer turns 15 (he was on the football team and had an undefeated season until they went to city) and Suzanne will be 18!! I can't believe that my baby sister is going to be a legal adult! Also, we're looking forward to going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving. Dan and I are taking Suzanne, and Dad and Spencer are going hunting right afterwards.

I know this was long, but it's my first blog and I really didn't know where to start and who knows, I may reference some of these experiences, and now they are all neatly complied by date...sounds good anyway