Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For Nate

Hi sweet boy. This is another letter from Mommy to let future you know what you're up to at 6 1/2 months old. Right now you're alseep, taking your morning nap so that you'll be well rested for a fun day of playing on the floor at Aunt Marilynne's house while Mommy scrapbooks. I'm about to pick up the photos I ordered. Just picking out my favorites, there are 154 picutres of you in the past 6 months!
Let's see, hmmm. Well, you've been getting better and better at crawling and babbling. I swear sometimes that you're saying mama and dada. I know that you're not quite big enough to actually say it and mean either me or daddy. But it's really cute. And watching you crawl around is so funny. You get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth, or sometimes you plant your face into the ground then drag yourself forward. Then of course there's the circle crawl where you see something (usually Princess) and drag yourself around in a circle. You work so hard, and you move so much, but you don't get very far.
I've been singing primary songs for you and so far Popcorn Poppin on the Apricot Tree seems to be your favorite. I think it's the gestures. I love to see your face light up when you hear IIIIIII looked out the window, and what did I see?. By the time I've gotten to window, you're usually giggling. Everyone comments on how happy you are. I've even been asked if you ever cry. Nate, you are such a sweet, happy little boy. You smile and make happy faces at strangers in grocery stores. And you make new friends everywhere you go. I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a sweet little boy. I love you so much.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summertime swim fun

Today Nate and I went swimming for the very first time! We went with Kathleen and Elara, and we all had so much fun! Nate and Elara had a blast, and by the end of the day we had two waterlogged babies. Nate thought that kicking his legs underwater was the coolest thing ever. At one point I was supporting him as he floated on his back, and he started kicking and smiling so big. Then, with me supporting him, he kicked and moved his arms like he was actually swimming, not on his back, with his tummy down. Does that make sense? It was like I would swim freestyle. He also enjoyed putting his head down and trying to drink the pool water like he does in the bathtub. He did not, however like the taste of chlorine. It was so funny to see him dip his head down, take a sip, then spit it out and shake his head. The funniest part was that as soon as he had finished spitting out the bad tasting water I saw him trying to do it again. Needless to say, I lifted him up and out of the water, but it was cute, nonetheless. We also floated around the lazy river for a while. Nate really enjoyed that, but he wasn't so keen on the parts when water dripped down on us. He was so cute in his little swimsuit. And, I learned well from the camping sunburn incident. He was lathered up so well that he still smelled like sunscreen even after his bath!
I have to admit that it was kind of difficult at first. I guess I'm glad that Nate was born last year, and not the year before. Last summer Dan and I got used to being in pools again. I'm glad that we did because it made it so much easier to take Nate this summer. I'm happy that Nate and I went swimming today. He had so much fun, and I feel like there's hope that I won't be "that woman" the one who people point to and whisper "she was never the same after the accident" Now I can't wait for Desert Oasis to open so that we can go to a pool more often b/c I would happily drive a mile to the pool once a week, or more. However, I am not at all likely to make the trip waaaaayyyyyyy out to where we went today as often!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

6 months old!

My baby boy is 6 months old today! I can't believe how fast time has flown by. Nate went from a tiny, helpless baby to my big, crawling, solid food eating, smiling, babbling boy in such a short time. Last month he was 27 inches long and almost 16 pounds, when he was born, he was 20.5 inches and just over 9 pounds.
In six short months, Nate has done so many things. He's visited Grandma Adams twice. He's had his first Christmas, driven cross country to visit family in Illinois. He's been to the zoo more times than I can count. He has also mastered rolling, smiling, laughing, eating (and spitting) solid foods. He is currently learning to crawl, and is constantly expanding his babbling vocabulary.
I love to see his little face light up as I walk into his line of sight. He recognizes me, Dan, Lilly, Elara, Suzanne, his Grandpa, and Uncle Spencer. And as soon as he sees one of us, he smiles so big and sometimes lunges towards the person he wants to be held by. Nate is such a happy little boy, and he amazes me everyday. I can't believe how blessed I am to have been trusted with such a sweet baby.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Nate has been trying his hardest to crawl, and I think it's adorable!

you can track his progress by the position of the orange egg. He didn't get far, but he worked for every centimeter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's new in Anderson Land?

It's been crazy for us lately. Yesterday was surprisingly less sucky than I expected. Yes, I did have a couple of mini meltdowns, but all in all we were too busy for me to dwell.
Dan got a pharmacy tech training certificate, and he had an interview today. Fingers crossed! He thinks he did well, and we should know by the end of the week. I am so happy for that b/c he has been getting really discouraged lately. And, on the plus side, he would be working with Rob Garbrik, an old high school buddy. So they would get to carpool and hang out, and reconnect. Bless you, facebook for bringing long lost friends back together again!
Lilly has been spending a lot of time with us too. About 3-4 times a week, I watch her while Suzanne's at work. It's a lot of fun, but it's draining too. It really makes me rethink my original position of wanting to have another baby so soon. 2 kids in carseats is HARD! Of course, now kids are in carseats for like 15 years, so I guess it'll happen sooner or later.
Speaking of Lilly, this weekend I made a dress for her, all by myself! I was so proud, and I got really excited. So now I have another dress cut out and 5 more fabrics picked to make into dresses. It's so much fun! And it's easier than pants b/c I don't have to worry about buttons or snaps or elastic. Those are the banes of my existance. Though I really should get around to making Nate some cute things too. It's just that dresses are so much fun, and I went overboard and bought Nate so many clothes already.
Another fun update: Dan was called as the ward choir director. I think it's so that we don't leave early, since the choir meets after church, and we have a tendancy to skip out, especially if Nate isn't feeling it. I don't have a calling yet, but I know I'll end up helping Dan however I can. The funny thing is that I was actually planning on joining the ward choir b/c Dan and I decided that we are going to be a lot more involved in the new ward. That was one of our big issues in the old one. We got too "comfortable" and in a rut. And it was established early on that I was shy (right after the accidnet), and that never really changed. 2 years in that ward, and we never were asked to give a talk, or to say a prayer. Heck, we didn't have callings for over a year (asked to be released from Activites Comittee-again, right after the accident. I just wans't ready to plan fun activites for other people's kids. Especially since the ward Christmas party was so significant for me and Dan and Devon). Then, everyone kept confusing us with Sara and Justin and thinking we moved. So Dan wasn't even assigned HT. Now, we've been in this ward for about a month and Dan has a calling, we were asked to give the prayers in Sacrament Meeting, and we're going to the ward luau this weekend. I think that's some pretty good progress. Now I just need to get in the habit of VT. I've never been good about going. Honestly, I feel bad for my companions over the past 2 years. But, from now on, I'm going, and I'm going every month. That's my pledge to myself! Well, that's what we've been doing. And once I find the camera/computer cord, I'll post some newer pics.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Devon

5 years and 10 hours ago one of the sweetest little boys was born. You all remember last year, I started posting fun Devon memories here on the blog. Well, I've decided to do it again. Ever since Nate was born it seems like we've been thinking of Devon more and more. I guess it's pretty normal though, after all, we all compare what our kids are doing with what their older siblings did at their age, right?

So, here's some fun Devon History:
Devon was born at 7:55 on a Tuesday morning. He was a beautiful baby with a head full of hair. At the time, we were living in Flagstaff, but he was born here in Phoenix. We left the hospital on Thursday and went home after Easter. I know I've got some pictures somewhere of Devon "hunting" Easter eggs at the ripe old age of 5 days old. Maybe one day Mom will start talking to me and I'll be able to get them :(
At 8.5 months old he said his first word. At Christmas dinner he looked up, said mama, looked right at me, said mama again, and turned back to his mashed potatoes. Everyone had been talking, and it was pretty loud, but as soon as he said it the first time, the room went silent. And as people were turning to each other asking if he had said his first word, he repeated it. Best Christmas gift EVER!
I don't remember what age it was, but Devon took his first steps in my parent's living room. Mom had the Elk hide laid out, and he was standing next to the couch, leaning on it for support. All of a sudden, he lunged forward and took his first 8 steps. The most impressive thing about that was that he actually stepped over a fold in the hide. I was amazed.
At about 10 months old, he had his first haircut. Following Hopi tradition, his Uncle Spencer shaved his head. He wasn't a big fan of the clippers, but the mohawk Spencer gave him initially was really cute. Spencer shaved his head that night too. Well, he originally had a mohawk as well. But no one believed that he asked and Mom said that he could keep it, so the put him in a headlock and shaved that off too.
By the time Devon was 1 year old, we were living in Mesa. He had 2 birthday parties b/c the house was too small to fit both extended families.
For his second birthday we went to the park. The ramada wasn't reserved, but we were able to find a grill next to a picnic table and I called Dad and asked him to bring the folding table an some chairs. Meanwhile, I rushed to Walmart and bought the dozen folding chairs they had. At least everyone got to have a place to sit, right?
His third and final birthday party was also at a park. His best friend was there, his grammy and his aunts too. And his Daddy. It was such a great day for us. Even with Mom there being hateful and rude. He had his Cars pinata and was thrilled with the candy that came pouring out. The picture from his mortuary service was taken that day.

Devon was always a sweet, happy boy. He loved going to "school" (daycare) to see his friends, at least until he met Emma. Then he would rather play with her. He loved going to nursery and would proudly show me things he made in there. One of my favorites was when they learned Jesus is the Good Shepherd, so they glued cotton balls to a sheep outlined on a piece of paper. He made me pet it and told me, "Mommy, soft"
Of course he wasn't always "soft" with animals. He was known to stand with his hands on his hips and yell "Shut up Rosie" at Princess and Bandit. (Thanks again Justin)
He loved to stop and smell the roses. Literally. And he didn't limit himself to roses. Any flower, or bush, or blade of grass growing in a crack in the sidewalk had to be sniffed and appreciated. I was significantly less enthused about kneeling on the sidewalk on Dobson and smelling a blade of grass as cars whizzed by and drivers looked at me as though I had lost my mind. But I'm glad I did, it's a favorite memory of mine now.

Well, I think this particular novel is long enough, so I'll end here for now. Besides, Nate wants some attention, and I don't think he's going to stop pulling my hair til he gets some