Monday, December 31, 2007

awesome news!!!!

As everyone knows, over the last few months Dan and I have been anxious about wether or not we could have Devon sealed with us when we go to the Temple. Well, we found out from the Bishop this weekend that we will be able to. And it is easier because he's gone now. We don't have to get permission from Joel or anything, I just need to record a date of Divorce and we need to get a proxy to stand in for Dev. So needless to say we are soooooo relieved and soo happy. Dan, after all, has pretty much considered Devon to be his own anyway and now we'll get to be a family through eternity!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

It was a fun and crazy holiday this year. My in-laws came in from Illinois!!!! And needless to say Dan and I are so psyched to see them. Christmas Eve was the traditional Anderson family home evening. It's cute..the younger cousins dress up and act out the nativity story, there's a cousin gift exchange, Dan's dad reads the Grinch, and we all eat a huge and awsome dinner.
Christmas itself was insane. We had so many palces to go and no way to get there! The morning started at my sister-in-law's house. Sara is amazing. I have no idea how she got so festive and Chrstmasy and got her house ready so quicky for her parents and sister to stay over and for us to all come and celebrate. But somehow she does it. (But major props to Sara for even getting in the spirit. On Christmas Eve I masterminded a plan to get some white out and erase Christmas from everone's calanders) It was way fun. Mom cried a couple of times, so we know she loved it, and I got tears from Dan with "Santas" ornaments. There's the obligatory Our first Christmas, but I also ---I mean, Santa also-- got a family ornamts with 3 bears that says "the Anderson's a forever family"
From there it was off to my sister's. Suzanne organized an amazing Christmas dinner. In spite of the fact that since she's just starting out she has no mixing or serving bowls, no dishes, no silverware, and she's never really been a big cooker. She got everone to come together and organiezed who brought what and she herself cooked the roast, and turkey (a little help with the turkey, but still her work). It was amazing. but there was an even bigger shock, that I am not at liberty to divulge.
Then back to the Lines house for another dinner, and fun family time. I wish I had some pictures, but Dan's camera died Christmas morning at his sister's, and mine died that afternoon at my sister's. So, I'm thinking late christmas=a new camera?? hmmm

Friday, December 21, 2007

I think I'm being followed

wow, I just can't seem to leave the house without some sort of excitement. Today I finally finished my Christmas shopping. Though I may get one or two more things just cause.-but the "official" shopping is done! And since the truck is still out of comission, I figured I would brave the city busses, and experience I haven't attempted in YEARS!! And I have to tell you, I feel old. All these teenagers with their poor grammer and overly dramatic existances. The girls giggling and talking trash about other (absent) girls and the boys trying to get their attention. And there I was working on a cross stitch project! To make matters worse, I was being followed for a very short while. As I was walking in front of a driveway to an apartment complex, a car horn sounded in my direction, which I-as usual-ignored. The car then proceded to turn into the 7 11 I was heading into and the driver got out and followed me into the store. I didn't notice until I turned around and saw how close he was following behind me. Still not thinking much of it, I said excuse me and walked down an asile. He walked down an aisle, next to me. Then he turns to me and tries to get my attention by calling me ma'am. And I look up at this tall, skinny, very old white haired man who says "I think you should give me your number" In my head I'm wondering what he's talking about and if he realzies he's probably old enough to be my grandfather. But what comes out of my mouth is "I don't know why I would do that"
I did feel bad about it later, but I've never been hit on my someone three times my age before and I kind of panicked. Had it been a younger guy I would probably have make some comment like, I don't think my husband would like that: or if I was in a mean mood, I might have looked him up and down and laughed as I turned away. But a grandpa??? I mean, what do you do in that situation?
The feeling of being followed continued as my day progressed. And at Mervyns I made the decision to get my mom something for Christmas. Even though we're not technically on "good" or even "speaking" terms, I felt the need to extend the olive branch. This line kept going through my head. "I will forgive who I will, but of you it is required to forgive all men" I don't even know the reference, but whenever I'm in a particularly snarky mood it fills my thoughts, and follows me throughout the day. (P.S. bonus points to anyone who can tell me the reference) I konw it probably won't do much, but it will make me feel good about myself, so it's worth it. And I'll feel like I did the right thing. Besides, it was an awesome sale.
And yet the persistant feeling of being followed will not go away. Even after I got home from work, Princess is laps around the living room and following my every move, and pacing circles around me. I just can't quit being followed today!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

just keeping busy till something else comes along

well, it happened yet again. The truck is down. I didn't even get that far, it died and I had to park it at Desert Sam (yes I know that the real name is Desert Banner now, but to me it will always be Desert Sam). But luckily my wonderful and generous and helpful sister-in-law was able to save me from a fate worse than death. Calling out when I'm on the verge of a write-up. And my co-worker James has been able to give me a ride to and from work. And in the spirit of going above and beyond and being really helpful James even helped me tow the truck home. Which was a good thing because when we got there the truck had a citation saying that it would have been towed in about 6 hours. It's kind of sad that the truck breaking down has been the focus of two blog entries in less than 30 days. But such is life.
Meanwhile I am really looking forward to this weekend. Dan and I will go out with Sara and Justin for what promises to be a fun-filled evening of excitement and adventure.
Wow I am really stretching here. The truth is that I'm just typing something to avoid getting to work on the projects I need to finish. I am soooooo far behind on the crafty holiday projects I started. Though the secret project that Dad, Dan, Suzanne and I worked so hard on is nerly done. But I still have about a dozen small projects to finish; about half a big project and I haven't even started my dad's. Meanwhile, Dan is sitting next to me comenting on my typing skills. Apparently it amuses him to hear my type becase since I took typing in junior high I can type quickly and without looking at the keys. He's not impressed by this...oh no...he just likes to hear the clickity-clack of the keys. What a goof. But hey, he's my goof and he's all the goof I need.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another beautiful day in Paradise

Well, it's been a fun and hectic past few weeks.

Thanksgiving at Grandma's was a BLAST!!! Suzanne and I decided that we definately need to visit Grandma more often. Dan drove all the way up and in spite of my directions he didn'teven get lost. (though I don't see what's wrong with Go to Payson, make a right at the McDonalds, then a left two Circle k's later; follow the signs toward Snowflake/Taylor-I don't know which is on the sign-then wake me or Suzanne up.) It was also a good opportunity for Dan to meet some family members he hasn't come across yet. Apparently a few hours notice before the wedding isn't enough time to introduce your fiancee to the whole family. Well, beter late than never. I cannot believe how big Mikaila Leslie and Connor are getting. And I found out that Josh is getting married. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that he's not my 14-year-old cousin riding horses/bulls and shooting bids with his bb gun. But unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera, so no fun pics. Though I do have other fun pics.

My little sister-the one who I used to walk to the bus stop and pay to do my chores-finallyy turned 18! More on that later. Once again, *sigh* I forgot my camera so I had to pick up a dispoible and I'm finding it kind of hard to take 27 non-digital pics. Once I get the film developed I'll post pics and details.

Dan and I got to babysit our adorable nephew Jackson. It's not the first time but it was the first time at our place. And, at a huge personal emotional cost I dug through "the closet" (duhn, duhn, duhn-ominous tone) to get some fun fun toys . Actually I think it's a good sign that it wasn't a huge personal emotional cost to go through "the closet" (duhn, duhn, duhn). One of these days I may even get rid of the "quotation marks" and ominous tone. LOL.

Jack was insanely amused by his uncle tossing up a foam ball in the air. That captured his attention until he realized that sneaky AuntRachel had a camera poised to take his picture.
One thing I realized real quick was that my home has become non child safe in a BIG hurry. I mean, earlier this year myhome was child proofed to the max. I mean, it has to be with a two year old boy running around. But Jack found scissors, DVDs to knock over, the XBOX console wih its bright buttons, XBOX controler with accompanying wires, etc (Before you freak out Sara, Dan and I got to everything as he was making discoveries, so he didn't get to play with any of the cool, but forbidden stuff)