Friday, October 16, 2009

Nathan is 1!!!

I cannot believe that my baby boy is already a year old. On Wednesday we woke up early and headed to the zoo. It was so much fun, especially getting to hang out with everyone. Kathleen and Elara, Marilynne, Jenna, Bethany, Michael, Bryan, Kamarah and Maelee, Trevor and Janelle all met up with us. We got to see the monkeys (still our favorite!), the lions, tigers, rhinos and so many other animals. It was awesome! And, on Monday we got to hang out with Ricky and Elara at the park. Nathan had such a fun week!
After the zoo on Wednesday we took Nate to Joe's BBQ in Gilbert. He ate his entire sandwich. From JOES!!!! that's huge. And that night Dan and I took him to the park to play. I think that Nate had an awesome birthday. He was all smiles and grins throughout the day. And, on the plus side he wore himself out and went to bed at 7:15
I just can't believe how much my little man has changed over the past 12 months. He went from a tiny baby, completely dependent on me for everything to an independent, walking, talking little man. He's walking several steps at a time, though he still prefers to crawl. He has mastered the art of climbing, and enjoys jumping off the things he climbs on. He's a talkative, babbling little boy, who imitates me and the things I say/do. Like in the car, when we get stuck at a light, he yells "go" from his carseat. Or, if he gets upset with something I do he points his finger at me and makes an angry scowling face. He furrows his brows (like I do when I scold him) and shakes his finger at me. It is so cute!
I love watching Nathan get into things. Even though it makes me nuts, it's fun to see him make discoveries. He knows that if he opens the cabinet door he can pull out a stack of bowls. And if he turns them over, he can bang on them like drums. Or, if he twists his body after I unbuckle his carseat straps, he can free his arms and climb out. He is also starting to be able to figure out where his toys are kept and how to get into them. I love seeing his mind work, and seeing his looks of concentration until the light bulb goes off and the connection is made.
I LOVE my little boy!