Friday, September 18, 2009


Ugh, today has been........interesting. Something that should have been so good and so happy turned into a big source of frusterations and hurt and negative emotion. I know that the negatives will fade and the awesomeness of the situation will shine through, but right now I'm just so irritated! I don't know why I'm surprised when people act in a manner consistant with their personality. I guess what really annoys me is the glaring hypocrisy. If I had done what this person did today They would have trash talked me to everyone we know and been pissed and refused to talk to me for a week or two, and would have brought it up every now and again, especially whenever a similar circumstance arose. I handled a similar situation with as much tact and compassion and consideration for their feelings as I could, and still got a negative reaction. Again, news that should have been a source of extreme happiness and joy turned into me standing there for 10 min. hearing about how it was crap and how everyone else did the same thing, and how this person was constantly wronged. I got a "oh, well I'm happy for you, but can you see where I'm coming from? It just sucks. And at least you actually came out and told me, persons x, y and z never even told me, I'm always the last one to know and I have to hear it from someone else." blah, blah, blah. I'm sorry that what you want didn't happen on your timetable. But for goodness sake, that was my day. Why does everything have to be about you? Fast forward to today: this same person has found the most impersonal, uncaring way to spread the word to the masses. Would it really have killed them to wait a day and share the news in person? Then go ahead and slap it up all over internet land. Whatever
As I said, I really am happy for this person. I know that this is big news for them, and that it's something they've dreamed of for years now. I'm irritated at how I heard, not what. Grrr

Thursday, September 17, 2009

fun itmes in the ER

Well, last night was a fun-filled ER adventure. After 2 days of Nate not being himself, Dan and I took him into the ER. Poor little guy, he was really warm and listless. We went to the park and he didn't even want to go down the slide or crawl in the grass! I tried 3 different times to get him into the pediatricain (and was stuck on hold for at least 15 min each time). Darn swine flu!
But when he started throwing up as well, I took him in. We got there and he had a fever of 104! (and, to prove that he was serious, he threw up on his dad twice before they even got his temp taken) I was so freaked out. We were never even in the waiting room, they took him back immediatly.
I can't help but feel guilty. I knew that he hadn't been feeling well, but I just told Suzanne to give him plenty of fluids and a cool bath before bed, and I went out for a GNO to see Julie and Julia. I left him for a night and come home to a sick baby with a ridiculously high fever. And as we were at the hospital and they told me his temp and his weight (almost a pound less than normal) I felt like a terrible mom. For the second time I left my son for the night and ended up in an ER room. At least this time I got to bring him home with me. As if I didn't already have enough neurosis and paranoias.
I will admit that I got slightly hysterical. (Sorry Sara, hope it wasn't anyone you know in triage). My voice went up about 4 octives as I shrieked "that's really high!" (in response to the temp), and "he's lost over a pound?!?!" (when they weighed him). Luckily Dan was able to calmly talk to the hospital staff while I cried in the corner.
We were whisked off to the back, and Nate was given a bed immediatly. He got a suppository that dropped his temp like a rock off the Empire State building. Then, just as he was starting to feel a little better, and have a tiny bit of energy and not just lie there like a lump, not caring what happened to him....he got a catheder, and they took a urine sample. Let me just say that he was NOT enthused with that process.
It seemed like forever, and I was really freaked out, but we finally got the results. Turns out it wasn't a UTI. And he was only slightly dehydrated, so he didn't need an IV either. It's just a virus, and he needs fluids, rest and tylennol. Thank goodness!