Monday, May 10, 2010

remembering Grandpa Adams

Hey everyone. I started up a new blog for Grandpa Adams. It's:
My intention here is that we can all share our stories and memories of Grandpa Adams, and his family members. Because I love to reminisce and to share stories, and I would LOVE for Nate to know how important his great-grandpa was to me, even though he won't be able to meet him in this life. And, I like to hear stories that other people have about him. It's interesting, to me, to know the "other sides of Grandpa".

A few years ago at the family reunion, I won the dollar raffle prize. It was a geneology cd. Well, I was looking at it last night and came across a funny story from Grandpa's childhood. I'll put that on his blog later tonight. But it got me thinking, and it was the inspiration for my new blogging endeavor.
I want everyone to be able to be a contributor, so if you send me your email address, I'll "give permission" and hopefully we'll all be able to share.

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